Morocco Rally: Coma Preps for Dakar

2012 Dakar Prep

As he prepares for the 2012 Dakar Rally that takes place in January, Marc Coma continues to race in various rallies, including the Pharaohs Rally.

And although his fifth victory in the Pharaohs Rally was only a week ago, Coma began racing in the Morocco Rally, which will finish Saturday. The Morocco Rally, which features 2000 kilometers in six days, including 1500 timed sessions, is the final race before 2012 Dakar (Jan. 1-15).

Coma will take advantage of the North African territory, further setting up the KTM 450 Rally for a shot at a third Dakar Rally championship to add to his titles in 2006, 2009 and 2011.

Marc Coma (KTM 450 Rally) says: "This is the last race before the Dakar, virtually just after the Pharaohs Rally, which went very well. This round will serve us to keep improving physical form and the pace on the bike, in a terrain completely different from what we saw in Egypt.

"We will try to repeat the result we got there to complete a fantastic year in which, apart from the retirement of the Baja Aragón, we won all the races we took part in. We do not want to obsess about victory and as always the aim is to think day by day, working at our own pace.
Here we will also have the full manufacturer support from KTM, that will travel to Morocco to complete the preparations for the Dakar."


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