Weise Daytona Motorcycle Glove | Review

Weise Motorcycle Gloves

The UK-based Weise motorcycle apparel company is always looking to break new standards. And this can easily be observed with the design of its newest motorcycle glove, the Weise Daytona, one that features full-gauntlet race protection with the comfort of a short-cuff.

What makes the Daytona unique is the new SPS feature, or Scaphoid Protection System. The hardened plastic SPS pieces from Knox, another UK company, allows a motorcyclists’ hands to slide when hitting the pavement, eliminating the “grab effect” of normal motorcycle gloves not featuring SPS.

The Weise Daytona glove features this hardened SPS piece on the bottom of the glove just above the wrist, optimal locations that usually hit the ground first when wrecking. Experimenting off the bike, rubbing the palms of the glove over a concrete road, it’s easy to understand how the gloves would assist in sliding over grabbing.

In case of a motorcycle crash, this sliding enhanced by the SPS would prevent the hands from “grabbing” the concrete. If this grabbing occurs, the body could go into a tumble, which would result in more serious injury rather than the body sliding.

Upon first glance at the SPS, I assumed the pieces of plastic would interfere with the motorcycle’s controls. But these hardened bumps are placed in a position that doesn’t affect the gripping of the throttle or clutch grips. I tested the Weise Daytona gloves on various bikes, and the SPS didn’t inter, whether tucking on a sportbike, riding more upright on a sport tourer, or reaching for the sky on a cruiser with 15-inch ape hangers.

The other big safety feature on the short-cuff Weise Daytona glove is the integrated TPU reinforcement on the knuckles usually found on full-gauntlet racing gloves. The TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is flexible, and backed with a softer material, which creates comfort on the knuckles, as if the TPU is not even there.

The Wiese Daytona glove is built from full-grain leather, which is doubled at key-impact points such as on the palm under the SPS system. To add in flex, there are stretch panels on the first-three fingers and back of the thumb, and kangaroo leather where the hand grips the controls.

There is also a Chamude overlay panel on the palm that assists in grip of the motorcycle controls; this helps in the inclement weather. But you’re hands will get wet quickly in the rain; these are performance gloves built for safety around the sportbike scene, so no waterproof material is featured on the gloves.

The Weise Daytona glove cuff is designed of a soft and comfortable neoprene material, and features a single, adjustable Velcro strap for ease of slipping the gloves on and off.

Weise markets the Daytona series as a “summer” glove, but due to the lack of ventilation they perform more optimally in the fall/spring seasons, or for those cooler summer nights. Regarding fit and break-in periods, the Weise Daytona gloves are true to size, and break in within 20 miles of riding.

The UltimateMotorCycling.com verdict: if you’re searching for a short-cuff, comfortable glove that features the all-out protection of a full-gauntlet racing glove, check out Weise Daytona motorcycle glove. Just remember that if the temps are anywhere above 80 degrees, expect some sweaty palms.

Daytona Weise Gloves:

  • Sizes: S -3XL (XS and 4XL in all-black)
  • Colors: All Black, or black with red, blue, orange, yellow and white accents
  • Warranty: Two Years
  • MSRP: $109.99

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