Dunlop: Made in the USA Racing Slicks

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Motorcycle Slicks

Dunlop has released USA-built Dunlop KR448F and KR449 racing slicks, tires created primarily for motorcycle club-level racers and hard-core enthusiasts who enjoy participating in track days.

The Dunlop KR449 rear 190/55R17 and 200/55R17 tires will be available in three compound combinations, Soft, Medium and Hard. All of these rear tires incorporate Dunlop’s exclusive N-Tec, MT Multi-Tread, and Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) technology that has proven so effective in other Dunlop road racing tires.

The KR448F front 125/80R17 will be offered in three compounds, Soft, Medium and Hard.

This new KR tire project started in mid-2010 with the goal of providing additional slick rear tire options for club racing and track days across the country.

The end result is a tire built in America that is competitive at all levels, including competitive pricing and race-winning performance. During the testing and development phase, these tires have been able to match the lap times of the more expensive made-in-the-UK racing slicks.

Such impressive performance was made possible thanks to the investments Dunlop North America made in incorporating high-technology tire-building machines and procedures in the Buffalo, NY, production center-the same equipment and processes used to build tires in the UK for Moto2.

Testing of these USA-made slick tires encompassed exhaustive efforts including multiple tests with many riders at AMA test sessions and private tests. Some of the more notable riders included Josh Hayes, Ben Bostrom, Josh Herrin, Roger Hayden, Larry Pegram and Martin Cardenas, and test tracks included Miller Motorsports Park, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Barber Motorsports Park, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Jennings GP, Roebling Road Raceway and Summit Point Raceway.

In addition, the BEI Racing Team tested the tires and have been using them in competition in the WERA National Endurance Series, where they have won the majority of races they have entered thus far in 2011.

The KR448F and KR449 tires will be available in September to all racers from Dunlop’s race-tire outlets, Erion Racing (800-700-3599) and Race Tire Services (800-772-8473). Go to for the most current information about Dunlop racing tires.

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