2011 Finland ISDE: Day 3 Results

International Six Days Enduro

With the opening two days of the eighty-sixth running of the FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Kotka, Finland proving to be extremely challenging, for those that took to the start of day three all hopes were of an easier course.

However, as all competitors soon found out the day that marked the mid-way point of the event was anything but easy. With bright sunshine beaming down on the leading riders as they left the start it wasn’t long before the weather changed and numerous torrential downpours made the course extremely challenging.

At the head of the World Trophy team competition Finland once again ruled supreme, strengthening their advantage at the top of the category to a little over twelve minutes.

With even Finland’s experienced World Trophy team riders finding conditions tough, Spain’s riders once again delivered impressive results to hold onto their runners-up position. Fourteen minutes behind Spain the USA also enjoyed a largely trouble free day to hold onto their third place position.

Just like Finland in the World Trophy team competition, Sweden in the Junior Trophy class hold on to their place at the top, but remain under constant pressure from France.

With strong performances from Calle Sjoo (Honda), Johan Carlsson (Husaberg), and Karl Svensson (Husaberg) ensuring Sweden hold onto their lead, France sit one-minute behind. With little to separate the two nations on the third day of the ISDE, they sit comfortably ahead of Great Britain in third.

France remain on top in the Women’s Cup with Ludivine Puy (Gas Gas) finishing day three as the fastest overall female competitor. More than one-hour ahead, France lead host nation Finland in second with Australia third.

Seven-time world champion Juha Salminen (Husqvarna) claimed his first day win in the Enduro 1 class, placing ten seconds up on countryman Eero Remes (KTM) while third went to Matti Seistola (Husqvarna). In the progressive E1 class results Remes continues to lead, some fifty-six seconds ahead of Salminen with Seistola in third.

Australian riders dominated the Enduro 2 class on day three of the ISDE with Toby Price (KTM) topping the class, despite injuring his foot on day one. Second went to six days first timer Matthew Phillips (Yamaha), who ended the day just five seconds behind Price with Cristobal Guerrero (KTM) third. In the progressive E2 class results USA rider Kurt Caselli (KTM) continues to lead, despite two costly falls during the final special test, with Guerrero second and Phillips third.

Kurt Caselli (KTM) says: “It’s been a tough day because of the weather. One minute the sun’s shining and then the next it’s raining like crazy. I was having a pretty good day right up until the final special test. One minute everything was fine, the next I’m on the ground with mud all over my gloves and asking myself what the hell happened. I lost a lot of time, but I’m still leading the Enduro 2 class so I’m happy about that.”

Continuing his mastery of the Enduro 3 class Marko Tarkkala (Husaberg) placed twenty seconds up on Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) with Spaniard Ivan Cervantes (Gas Gas) third. Now more than one-minute ahead in the progressive E3 class results Tarkkala is placed ahead of Ljunggren and Cervantes.

2011 International Six Days Enduro Day 3 Results:

(Finland – Aug. 8-13 – Results after Day 3)

World Trophy

1. Finland 8.54:33.22

2. Spain 9.06:40.34

3. USA 9.21:15.57

4. Sweden 9.27:12.64

5. Portugal 9.32:26.04

Junior Trophy

1. Sweden 5.38:53.43

2. France 5.39:55.13

3. Great Britain 5.49:28.83

4. USA 6.01:30.25

5. Australia 6.07:08.49

Women’s Cup

1. France 6.25:07.60

2. Finland 7.32:00.80

3. Australia 7.38:44.01

4. Sweden 8.51:12.61

5. USA 12.00:00.00