Alpinestars Supertech R Overview

2011 Alpinestars Supertech R

Alpinestars has released its Fall 2011 collection of motorcycle apparel, and the Supertech R street and track boot leads the way. Developed using feedback from MotoGP and World Superbike racers, the Supertech R is Alpinestars flagship pavement boot.

The Alpinestars Supertech R features a new inner bootie constructed from 3D technical mesh that lower the weight of the boot, and at the same time improves breathability, comfort and feel.

To prevent ankle injures, the Supertech R has a biomechanical fiberglass ankle brace built into the boot. There are double-hinged inner and outer torsion bars that progressively absorb flex and rotational stress on your ankle, and reduce the risk of hyperextension injuries.

The Supertech R’s external plastic shin protection wraps around to outer calf and is engineered to spread and dissipate impact energy across the entire surface. A replaceable plastic heel plate slider protects from impact and reduces friction in the event of a crash, while a clip-on toe-slider provides feel and protects the outer toe box structure from abrasion (replacement magnesium slider are available).

For comfort the Supertech R has a front flex area constructed with soft mesh shaped for abrasion resistance and enhanced movement.

Flexible accordion leather at Achilles allows natural movement, with the top gaiter follows leg contour and is made of flexible high-grade synthetic leather reinforced with rubber for maintaining shape.

A full-length microfiber panel on inner side of the boot provides excellent grip and feel against the bike, and protects from abrasion and heat. To facilitate gearshift, a flexible, lightweight toe shifter is designed for improved feel, and a lightweight rubber compound sole offers excellent grip and feel and allows for natural flex as the rider changes position and pressure on the footpeg. The entire sole is of the Supertech R Boot is replaceable.

To get your foot into the Alpinestars Supertech R boot, there is a stretch accordion panel ensuring a snug fit. Once on, a zippered closure mounted on accordion stretch panel features a Velcro tab that locks the zip pull closed, keeping it flat and secure. To keep your foot cool, there is ventilation in heel and shin TPU, and soft TPU mesh on forefoot.