MotoGP’s Hayden & Seven Riding Wonders

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Shell Advance Seven Riding Wonders

Among the four new panelists on the Seven Riding Wonders campaign is 2006 MotoGP Champion Nicky Hayden.

Hayden, who currently rides for the Ducati Team with nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi, joins three other new members: Michael Knaak (Ducati Tech), Razlan Razali (CEO Sepang Circuit), and Javier Alonso (Dorna, Managing Director of Events).

In the Shell Advance Seven Riding Wonders of the World campaign, bikers from around the world “vote for their favorite road, route or track, which will determine the Seven Riding Wonders of the World.”

There are 22 routes to choose from, including the famed Route that rounds East to West through the United States.

Hayden and the new members will now join current Shell Advance Seven Riding Wonders members: Gao Liang, Aspi Bhatena and Augustus Sani Nugroho. The seven panelists will all be at the grand final event at the 2011 Shell Advance Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix, where they will unveil the world’s ultimate Riding Wonder.

Nicky Hayden (2006 MotoGP World Champion and Ducati Corse rider) says: “There are many great routes that you can ride. I grew up on dirt bikes, but now I love the race tracks. I love being on the famous race tracks, just you and the bike, especially qualifying, just one lap, put it on the line and go for it.”

Michael Knaak (Ducati Technical Partnership Project Leader) says: “The Shell Advance Seven Riding Wonders contains some incredible routes, some I have always wanted to ride! Being from Germany, my ultimate Riding Wonder is the ‘Nordschleife’ of the Nürburgring – it has a great history and the chance to ride on a real race track, combined with the forested scenery, is a great way to test my bike and the Shell products I work with every day.”

Razlan Razali (Chief Executive Officer of Sepang International Circuit) says: “I am very privileged to have ridden many great roads in Asia, including the Sepang International Circuit, and the Seven Riding Wonders campaign is filled with so many roads that I would love to ride, especially the route from Bali to Yogya.”

Javier Alonso (Dorna, Managing Director of Events and Representative to Race Direction) says: “I have been riding motorbikes since I was a child and have ridden on lots of different types of bikes and roads. In my job I am fortunate to see some of the best race circuits in the world, but for me, I enjoy exploring on my bike and my favourite route is the Bilbao to Perpignan route, although there are many others I would love to explore.”

Tanmay Jaswal (Shell Advance Global Marketing Manager) says: “We are honoured to announce four new panellists, who are all experts in their field and share a deep understanding of motorbikes. We believe they will offer real insight into the selection of the Seven Riding Wonders, and ensure that the ultimate Riding Wonder is truly world class.”

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