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Motorcycle Base Layers

The only base layers I’ve ever used were cold-weather ones from Under Armour, which helped seal out the brisk fall/winter-riding temps here on the East Coast.

But once I got serious about road-course track days, I began seeking some base layers for the hot weather; nothing can get more uncomfortable than sweaty leathers on a sticky, 95-degree day.

I changed all that with the Knox Dry Inside Base Layers, which were designed to keep the wearer dry and comfortable all day, regardless of how high the thermometer is spiking.

I’ve used the Knox Dry Inside Base Layers (short-sleeve, long-sleeve and full-length underpants) in temps from 70- to 101- degrees on the cruiser, sport bike and the track, and the outcome of analysis was simple – I’ll never ride without them again.

Made of 95-percent cotton and 5-percent Elastane, the Knox Dry Inside undergarments absorb perspiration from the inside, and transport it to the outside of the fabric. When it reaches the outside of the garment, the perspiration is distributed over a larger area, allowing it to quickly evaporate. This creates a natural cooling, which is felt throughout the body.

On the track, the base layers work best with ventilated, full-race leathers. As the body heats, the Dry Inside does its job, creating much coolness on the body while the garments remain comfortable.

On a recent sport ride with temps over 100 degrees, I used the Knox Dry Inside Base Layer (short-sleeve and pants) under a two-piece leather suit with minimal perforation. I remained comfortable throughout the day. For added coolness, I’d unzip my jacket three-quarters on a straight away, and the rushing air will speed the cooling process of the Dry Inside base layers.

And when stopped for a break, one could barely notice sweat marks on the shirt, unlike what you’d notice if wearing a cotton t-shirt. The Knox fabric is also odor resistant, and antibacterial.

These Knox base layers are machine washable, and when they began to not perform well, one simply irons the inside to revitalize ions of the "3XDRY" finish, and optimal performance returns.

As for fit, they are true to size; I ordered the sport-fit long and short-sleeve shirts in medium (42), and the pants in Large (34).

The Knox Dry Inside Base Layers verdict:

If you’re seeking comfort for all-day riding in hot temperatures, whether cruising the canyons in road gear or throttling around a track in full leathers, the Knox base layers will keep you comfortable, cool and not stinky.

The Knox Dry Inside Base Layers are available in the following designs/sizes/prices:

  • Long Sleeve Sport Fit / XS-XXXL / $56
  • Short Sleeve Sport Fit / XS-XXXL / $48
  • Short Sleeve Comfort Fit / XS-XXXL / $48
  • Shorts / XS-XXL/ $32
  • Pants / XS-XXL / $48

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