Scott Russell Signs on with Yamaha School

Yamaha Champions Riding School

Scott Russell, the former AMA Pro Superbike and World Superbike Champion nicknamed "Mr. Daytona" for his five wins in the Daytona 200, has signed on to join the Yamaha Champions Riding School as a Guest Instructor.

Russell will be instruction for YCRS the following dates at Miller Motorsports Park: July 18-20, August 17-18, Sept. 19-20 and 28-29, and October 10-11 and 24-25.

Scott Russell says: "I see joining Nick Ienatsch and the Yamaha Champions Riding School at Miller Motorsports Park as a chance to give back to the sport. Nick’s team of champion instructors and I all share the same enjoyment of riding and seeing other riders improve."

Nick Ienatsch (Chief YCRS Instructor) says: "The name of this Yamaha-sponsored school includes the word ‘Champions’ and guest instructors like Scott Russell, for an important reason. Motorcycle road racing champions ride quickly, yes, but even more important is a champion’s ability to finish tire tests, practices and races. Consistency. Riding with efficient habits. Having a plan and a goal.

"All this and more is part of our curriculum, because a champion can only reach his or her goal with repeatable, efficient techniques. These are the techniques that our instructors impart to each student."

The Yamaha Champions Riding School can help any rider who wants to improve their bike control. That could be the racer looking to drop 1.5 seconds from their lap times, or the street rider who needs to miss the surprise gravel mid-corner, with a car partly in their lane.

YCRS coach brand-new riders coming off of dirt bikes, or the rider trading his cruiser for a sport-touring bike, the racer looking to step up to the national level or the track-day gal who wants to run in the A group.

For more information about the Yamaha Champions Riding School, visit or call 435.27.SPEED (277-7333).