2011 Harley-Davidson Blackline | Wallpaper

Harley-Davidson Wallpaper

The 2011 Harley-Davidson Blackline is a Softail motorcycle pared to the bone. A rebellious creation of the Harley Dark Custom movement, the Blackline brings three fundamental elements of motorcycling: mechanical beauty, V-Twin combustion, and the road ahead, hence the name Blackline.

Harley-Davidson takes styling very seriously. Here, the rear fender is bobbed high-and-tight over a slim, 144mm tire that emphasizes an authentic hardtail profile. The compact headlight and speedometer are tucked low into the wide, FX front end, with a little shine and lots of black.

The styling spotlights the Big V-Twin engine dressed in black and silver, and on a fuel tank shaved smooth and low.

Aboard the 2011 Harley Blackline, the motorcycle rider hugs the frame on the lowest two-up seat ever offered by Harley-Davidson, and reaches high for new Split Drag handlebars that bolt right to the top triple-clamp.

The Softail chassis utilizes rear suspension control provided by coil-over shock absorbers mounted horizontally along the frame rails below the powertrain, where they are out of sight.

So while the swingarm section replicates the lines of a vintage hardtail frame, the Blackline delivers suspension performance and handling of Softail bike.

The internally counter-balanced Twin Cam 96B engine is rigid-mounted within the frame, creating a solid connection between rider and the power that moves the motorcycle to enhance the emotional experience of riding.

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