Isle of Man TT Sidecar: Molyneux Memoir

Isle of Man TT Book

Dave Molyneux is one of the most prolific and determined sidecar racers in British history. His racing career has spanned an incredible 31 years. He has dominated the sidecar class at the Isle of Man TT, one of the most demanding road races in the world, with an exceptional tally of fourteen wins, making him the most successful sidecar competitor in the history of the event. This fascinating book tells, in his own words, his remarkable story: "The Racer’s Edge – Memories of an Isle of Man TT Legend."

Molyneux’s natural talent and ability as a sidecar driver, together with his ambition and hunger for success, have been proven again and again on race tracks around the world. Having survived several near fatal crashes, he is certainly familiar with the dangers of the sport.

The Racer’s Edge is also an account of the engineering skill behind Molyneux’s success on and off the track. As well as dominating the event as a competitor, he is equally talented as an engineer. His machines, which are based on his many years of experience, are in high demand in the racing world.

Molyneux also took part in a special tribute during this years IOMTT. "Milestones of the Mountain," a parade lap, in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the TT Mountain Course, which includes a "TT day of champions."

The book was written with Matthew Richards, who is curator of social history at Manx National Heritage. Richards has put together four highly acclaimed TT exhibitions in recent years, and has previously worked in this area with Dave Molyneux. In addition to his writing on the Isle of Man, he has published many books and articles on military history.

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