Ducati & Puma: Lean In & Ride With Us (#3)

Ducati Video

When two company’s work together such as PUMA and Ducati, great things are expected. And PUMA’s Lean In Video Series live up to these expectations.

This week’s feature, which is one of seven in the Lean In series, explores how motorcycles fit into the life of Andrew Sidwell, a US Army Captain. Living in North Carolina, Sidwell manages to race his Ducat 848 in WERA club racing alongside the Ducati S4RS Tricolore he uses for street duty

In addition to Sidwell, the video series will follow, over the next 5 weeks, a female Master Technician, a fixed gear bike designer, a Formal Drift judge, a fashion designer, and a musician.

For them, just like PUMA, motorcycles are about more than just the ride: they’re about the riding community, the culture, and are a way of life in and of itself.

With the debut of each new video, PUMA will also be giving away gear and the bike that inspired it all through a national consumer contest.

For more information on the contest, please visit puma.com/motorsport.