American Chopper: May 23, 2011 Recap

Senior Vs. Junior: Episode 5, Season 2

Today’s American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior was solely based on the Orange County Choppers side of things, without mention of Paul Junior Designs, except for the few remarks from Paul Teutul Senior.

The American Chopper episode begins with Paul Senior telling the workers at Orange County Choppers that they are going to build a bike for another one of the Discovery channels hit show, The Deadliest Catch.

The Orange County Choppers team head to Homer, Alaska, to experience a bit of crab fishing for a little research and development.

The Hillstrand brothers, who run the Time Bandit, greet Senior and the OCC boys at a memorial that honors all of the fisherman lost at sea.

While at sea, the Orange County Choppers Crew got to see what type of work is completed on the ship, which was helpful R&D for The Deadliest Catch chopper build.

After shooting some guns off the ship, Paul Teutul Sr. started to get a bit ill due to his fear of not seeing land, so they turned he Time Bandit around and headed home.

The next OCC adventure was dog sledding, followed by some additional fishing, but not on a boat this time, rather from the shore. The crew then feasted on some crabs feast courtesy of the Hillstrand brothers and their crew.

No episode would be complete without an arrogant comment about the other Teutel boys. After getting off of the boat the first day, Senior explains that Pauly Junior and his other sons would never come out and do what he just did. Senior says he has an adventurous side and that he attributes that to his success and never being afraid of a challenge.

During the second day on the Time Bandit, the coast guard warned the crew not to go out to sea, but they did anyway. The untamed waters left Paul Teutul Senior feeling sick once again, so he hung inside until they headed to calmer waters. An interesting side note is that Paul Sr. was in the Merchant Marines. During his tenure with the MM, he lived on a boat for nine months and never got sea sick.

On their final day of R&D for The Deadliest Catch chopper, Pauly and his OCC crew checked out some glaciers and did some ice climbing. Senior says the ice-climbing helped him resolve his fear of hights.

After the R&D was complete, OCC headed back to New York to start on the bike build. The chopper build began well, but some drama occurred when Jason stuck up for himself by saying that he was just following the dimensions Senior gave him.

The Deadliest Catch chopper, which was dedicated to Captain Phil Harris, who recently met his untimely death, was completed in a week. It was later transported to Seattle, Wash., where it was unveiled at the CatchCon Convention.

During the unveiling, Senior met Captain Phil Harris’ sons, Josh and Jack. They told Senior how much their Dad enjoyed their show, and Senior responds, saying he wished that he could have met Paul Harris. This brings back the main drama of the show, and Josh Harris says he hopes that Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. can mend their problems.

Next week’s episode of American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior, will feature a father-son build off put on by Cadillac. But as the bike build develops friendly, competitve tension between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr., Senior approaches Junior with a second settlement offer, but this time, without lawyers.