Aerostich PowerFilm Solar Chargers

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Motorcycle Accessories

Realized you forgot to charge an electronic device after taking your first break during a motorcycle ride?

This wouldn’t be a problem if the Aerostich PowerFilm Solar Charger was on hand. The solar chargers keep your power-hungry portable electronic devices such as cell phones and anything requiring AA batteries functioning day after day in remote areas.

Advances in solar panel efficiency make recharging this way a realistic option for the first time, regardless of where you ride your motorcycle. Unroll the compact nylon case holding the panels to re-charge the included 4 – AA batteries, with only 6 hours of sunlight.

The USB version takes portable charging to the next level with on-the-fly re-charging of most portable electronic devices via USB connection, while simultaneously topping of the two included AA NiMH batteries. The case features six integrated grommets for secure fastening onto a bag, seat, tent or backpack.

Everything folds to only 5.5″x3.3″x1.4″ for easy transport. An excellent and infinite portable power supply for any adventurous motorcycle rider needing to stay plugged in.

Aerostich PowerFilm Solar Charger Features:
* Advanced solar technology provides portable power.
* Compact high-efficiency flexible panels.
* Recharge batteries anywhere.
* Charge on-the-go via USB connection.
* USB model stores power in reserve for use anytime.
* Off-the-grid power that’s fast and reliable.

USB+AA Charger #828 $87
AA Charger #829 $87