Infineon AMA Racing: VIP with LeoVince

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West Coast Moto Jam

Race fans will be able to get the VIP treatment during the AMA Pro Road Racing round at Infineon Raceway from May 11-15, thanks to the LeoVince USA Last Lap Lounge and the new Motorcycle-Superstore VIP Experience.

Each year, LeoVince USA, the official motorcycle exhaust of Infineon Raceway, hosts the Last Lap Lounge during the classic Infineon Raceway event in Sonoma, California. The lounge is a relaxed area within the VIP Experience, offering a place for fans to escape the crowds, watch the races and meet some of AMA’s fastest racers.

The Last Lap Lounge is bursting with special events, including televisions broadcasting the race, race bike displays, autograph sessions with popular AMA Pro Road Racing riders, and a contest featuring over $10,000 in prizes and giveaways.

The LeoVince USA Last Lap Lounge is the entrance point of the Motorcycle-Superstore VIP Experience, where fans can get exclusive access to product manufacturers, vendors, and company representatives.

Access to the Motorcycle-Superstore VIP Experience and the LeoVince USA Last Lap Lounge is limited, so get there early, sign up for great prizes and be part of the in-crowd during the Infineon Raceway stop on the AMA Pro Road Racing circuit.

Get more information about LeoVince USA, their products, the Last Lap Lounge and the Infineon West Coast Moto Jam visit us online at See you at the racetrack!