Drag Specialties Fender Skins


Motorcycle Fender Skins

These Drag Specialties motorcycle Fender Skins are a perfect way to provide a finished look when converting your two-seater into a solo.

With three distinctive looking styles to choose from, these fender skins feature automotive-grade vinyl or embossed gator leather centers with leather perimeters, a finished edge and a felt liner to protect your paint job.

With a direct fit with no modifications necessary to perfectly hug the fender, they include black zinc washers and screws to easily complete the installation process.

Fitting a wide-range of 58-11 models, including Harley-Davidson, the fender skins were designed to match Drag Specialties solo seats and will work with most OEM and accessory seats. Starting at $26.95, this is an affordable way to finish the look of a bike. Made in the U.S.A.

Drag Specialties


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