2011 Roehr eSuperSport: Preview

Roehr Motorcycles

The rush to find alternative modes of transportation has resulted in a number of companies emerging with a focus on developing the rapidly evolving technology of electricity and battery power.

Among the American companies who are producing an electric motorcycle is Gurnee, Illinois-based Roehr Motorcycles.

Roehr began making waves back in 2000 when they produced a two-stroke motorcycle based around an existing Yamaha model.

Then, in 2002, the company began work on a superbike, using the freshly released Harley-Davidson V-Rod as its power source. Things looked promising enough for the founders to form an LLC under the Roehr Motorcycle brand.

The year 2011 represents a full-bore dive into not only independent motorcycle development, but electric power as well, with the Roehr eSuperSport. Working with Hyosung Motors USA (but with a disclaimer stating; Roehr Motorcycles LLC does not express or imply any affiliation with Hyosung Motors USA) Roehr Motorcycles bases their eSuperSport around the Hyosung GT650R, adapting Roehr’s latest electric drive system.

The Roehr eSuperSport is powered by an efficient AC Induction motor that produces 50Kw of power – equivalent to roughly 67 horsepower.

The electric motor also claims 80 ft/lbs of torque (electric motors differ from combustion because 100% of the torque is available directly off the bottom of the throttle). Roehr claims the eSuperSport is capable of 100+ mph.

The Roehr battery pack is high-charge, LiFeP04 battery chemistry, which claims to be safe and reliable, providing an industry-leading life cycle and high energy density. Capacity is 7.7Kwh, translating into a potential range of 75 miles.

The system can be recharged with the 1500watt on-board charger in less then seven hours. The Roehr is equipped with a Battery Management System that monitors battery charging, functions, low voltage warning/intervention and cell balancing (these are the terms we are going to have to get used to in this brave new world).

Roehr boasts that their electric drive system is complimented by top-rate running gear in the form of an oval tube beam chassis, inverted 41mm forks and rising rate single rear shock linkage with dual 300mm front discs mated to 4-piston calipers to render a true sportbike feel to the eSuperSport.

To learn more about Roehr Motorcycles LLC (or to reserve your eSuperSport) go to roehrmotorcycles.com.

2011 Roehr eSuperSport Specifications:


  • Type: AC Induction
Power: 50Kw (67Hp) peak
Torque: 80 lb/ft


  • Type: LiFePO4 high discharge cylindrical cell
  • Voltage/Ah: 96V (nominal) / 80Ah
  • Amperage: 650 amps (peak)
  • Capacity: 7.7 Kwh
  • Charging: 1000 watt on-board
  • Recharge time: 7 hours
  • Management: LVC, HVC, shunt balancing


  • Top Speed: 100+ MPH (160+ Km/h)
  • Average Range: 75 Miles (120 Km)


  • Frame: Twin oval tube steel beam frame
  • Front Suspension: 41mm inverted, adjustable rebound and
  • compression dampening
  • Rear Suspension: Single shock with rising rate linkage,
  • adjustable for preload.
  • Front Brakes: 2 x 300mm discs, 4 piston calipers
  • Rear Brakes: Single disc, 2 piston caliper

Tires front/rear: 120/60ZR17; 160/60ZR17 Bridgestone

MSRP: $17,995