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  • 2011 Roehr eSuperSport: Preview

    2011 Roehr eSuperSport: Preview

    Roehr Motorcycles

    The rush to find alternative modes of transportation has resulted in a number of companies emerging with a focus on developing the rapidly evolving technology of electricity and battery power.

    Among the American companies who are producing an electric motorcycle is Gurnee, Illinois-based Roehr Motorcycles.

  • Roehr Motorcycles to introduce an electric

    Roehr Motorcycles to introduce an electric

    Roehr Motorcycles the maker of the powerful American production sportbike, the 180hp, 1250sc, will introduce a line of electric sport and racing motorcycles in the spring of this year.

    The new eRoehr model range will consist of two models, the powerful eSuperbike and the lower spec’d eSupersport. Both models will feature state-of-the-art AC induction motor, and advanced high energy, Lithium ion battery technologies. Fresh, modern styling, combined with advanced electric vehicle drive technology will raise the standards of electric motorcycle performance and desirability to new levels.

  • 2010 Roehr 1250sc | The Creator

    2010 Roehr 1250sc | The Creator

    Moto Builder

    The fire that fuels Walter Roehrich is his passion for all things mechanical. Those who pledge their soul-and often their worldly assets-to the realization of their dream on two wheels can empathize with the founder of Roehr Motorcycles.

  • ROEHR Motorcycles extends special MSRP

    ROEHR Motorcycles extends special MSRP

    ROEHR Motorcycles, LLC. will extend it’s successful, introductory, special pricing program, of $44,995 MSRP for the 2010 ROEHR 1250sc, until the end of 2009.

    This introductory price will now be the base price on all 2010 ROEHR 1250sc motorcycles. All bikes are individually built to order. A list of optional equipment and color choices are available.

    The Roehr 1250sc is the fastest and most powerful American production sportbike, featuring a specially developed, supercharged, 1250cc, 180hp, liquid cooled, DOHC, 8V, V-twin engine.

  • Roehr 1250sc American Motorcycle – Dealer Launch

    Roehr 1250sc American Motorcycle – Dealer Launch

    Roehr Introduces 1250sc American Motorcycle at Dealer Expo.

    Roehr Motorcycles LLC will launch our new American Superbike, the
    1250sc, to dealers at the 9th annual V-Twin Expo at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, OH on February 7th through the 9th. All attendees, exhibitors and media are welcomed to stop by and visit with us at booth# 2334.

  • 2008 V-Roehr 1130 | ShowCase

    2008 V-Roehr 1130 | ShowCase

    I’ve often wondered why more hasn’t been made of the excellent Harley-Davidson V-Rod engine in other motorcycles. The liquid-cooled, 60-degree V-twin mill outputs a respectable 120 hp and 75 ft lbs of torque, and has been crying out for use in something other than a cruiser for some time.