2008 V-Roehr 1130 | ShowCase

I've often wondered why more hasn't been made of the excellent Harley-Davidson V-Rod engine in other motorcycles. The liquid-cooled, 60-degree V-twin mill outputs a respectable 120 hp and 75 ft lbs of torque, and has been crying out for use in something other than a cruiser for some time.

In 1995, Walter Roehrich wanted to build the ultimate performance bike and founded Roehr Motorcycles, but his first engine fell prey to emissions regulations. Undeterred, his search for alternative power culminated in the inspired choice of H-D Revolution power.                                                         (Click image to enlarge)

Roehrich's goal is to produce the fastest and finest handling machine available, so the V-twin is housed in a radical beam frame that gives a claimed "stiff, lightweight structure with a stable, balanced handling dynamic." Side radiators place the weight forward, allowing a suitable wheelbase and weight distribution. The V-Roehr 1130 is equipped with Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes, Marchesini wheels, and carbon-fiber bodywork. Optional engine kits produce up to 180 hp and over 85 ft lbs of torque. With its Ducati-esque silhouette (which certainly can't hurt sales) and top-shelf components, this new American motorcycle has an excellent chance of success. Production of the first 50 units is scheduled to begin in 2008.





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