2011 Dainese and AGV Collection Launch


For a video with absolutely no dialog or voice-over, this presentation video for Dainese and AGV is pretty easy to watch all the way through. Although, be warned, it will probably have you wanting to get some new gear.

The video was made at Dainese’s Southern California main store, located in Costa Mesa (1645 Superior Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92629) during the company’s recent hosting of Dainese riders Nicky Hayden, Ben Bostrom, Steve Rapp, Elena Meyers, Chris Ulrich and Travis Pastrana.

The event was the official launch of Dainese’s 2011 product line-up. Dainese, a world leading protective riding gear manufacturer, has a strong presence in all world and national motorcycle race series, with a cadre of World Champions in their gear (including Valentino Rossi).

The store was opened in early 2000 to serve Southern California as both a merchandise center and a corporate center for North America. In the process, Dainese raised the bar considerably as to what an apparel store should be.

If you haven’t been, and live anywhere even remotely close to Costa Mesa, the store deserves a visit. It’s well-stocked with Dainese gear (jackets, pants, suits, gloves, under protection, boots, and accessories) and a full line of AGV helmets, allowing customers to see and try on the full range of gear (men’s and women’s).

Unlike when we were kids and stores had maybe a jersey or a jacket or two, the Dainese store has racks and racks of merchandise, making it possible to find virtually the entire Dainese range, most probably in your exact size.

As might be expected from the industry-leading manufacturer, the atmosphere of the Costa Mesa store is first class. Dainese has gone to the effort to present their full line of gear in an appropriately designed and art-directed facility. The minute you step through the door you’re plunged into the pleasant aroma of new, fine Italian leather.

The store is sectioned off with dedicated areas for street and track, off-road, mountain bikes, winter (skiing) and equestrian. Allow yourself plenty of ogle time as you’ll want to peruse the entire store, most likely regardless of your particular interest.

A note for the men: this is a motorcycle store women seem to enjoy visiting, so bring your significant other.