Samson: True Dual Cross Under Exhaust

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Cruiser Motorcycle Exhaust

Samson is proud to introduce a new line of True Dual “Cross Under” exhaust systems for many makes of motorcycles, including Harley-Davidson Baggers and Dressers.

When you need a true dual, there’s only one manufacturer that you can go to…Samson. Samson is the only manufacturer that doesn’t crimp the crossover pipe so you won’t lose any horsepower due to “crushing the cross under tube” like our competitors. When you need motorcycle mufflers or complete exhaust systems, come to Samson Exhaust for the best products made in the USA.

Samson has released its NEW True Dual “Cross Under” System with dB Killer Mufflers®! With this style, you can have that new “Cross Under” look with the quiet rumble of our new 83-85 dB Killer Mufflers®. Now you can actually ride at the beach again without being pulled over for noise!

Samson’s “Cross Under” System is designed to allow maximum airflow through the system to maintain the bikes peak performance with less heat to deal with for the rider and passenger.

Each company has taken a different approach at the exhaust design, but here you can find features you are looking for that others are not using. Kenny Price, President and CEO of Samson is known as the “Godfather of Pipes”….he’s always reinventing exhaust systems to make them look stylish, perform better and work with a wide selection of bikes and applications.

Samson’s “True Dual Cross Under System” Features

True dual, means there is two exhaust pipes running from the engine all the way back on both sides of the bike. Samson’s True Dual “Cross Under” Systems offer a show quality finish with Samson’s exclusive Quad Chrome plating process that provides ultimate adhesion and corrosion protection.

True Duals eliminate the rear crossover pipe to the front pipe providing for a cooler and improved ride for both rider and passenger. All of Samson’s exhaust systems have been designed and tuned to produce maximum horsepower, torque and awesome sound. This system is ready to bolt on right out of the box.

Samson exhaust systems are made like true double wall construction to prevent bluing due to the heat that is generated in a motorcycle exhaust. Every one of these systems is not only made to look great, but to also perform perfectly for your bike. Various designs can be included in a true dual system and all Samson exhausts are available in Sinister Black Ceramic and Chrome.

Additional Features and Benefits
• O2 sensor ports accept O.E.M. / Aftermarket sensors
• Produces up to 20% or more horsepower and torque
• Mounting hardware included
• Improves gas mileage
• Installer Friendly
• Awesome Deep Tone
• Exclusive Show Quality Quad Chrome Finish
• Full Coverage Head Pipe Heat Shields
• Over 575 different exhausts to choose from no matter what your riding situation

Samson Exhaust recently introduced a new 10% off “discounted internet program” in order to help stimulate sales and to help during these hard economic times. Anyone ordering a set of Samson pipes direct from the internet receives a 10% discount off the MSRP. Not only can riders take advantage of this discount, but dealers ordering on-line will also receive an additional 10% discount off their regular dealer pricing.

Listen to sound clips and see plenty of pictures to help you decide which exhaust is best for your bike. Check out Samson Exhaust’s entire ‘11 product line at or contact them directly at (888) 572-6766; Samson USA, 655 Tamarack Ave., Brea, CA 92821…email them at 2