GlobeBusters at Beaulieu ‘Feats of Endurance’

UK Motorcycle Museum

GlobeBusters’ Kevin and Julia Sanders are delighted to be featured at the National Motor Museum’s new “Feats of Endurance” exhibition at the famous Beaulieu museum in Southern England.

The new exhibition features vehicles and people which have stretched the boundaries of motoring endurance both in extreme conditions and on challenging terrains.

In 2002 Kevin and Julia established a new World Record for motorcycling round the World on a BMW R1150 GS. In 2003, they completed their second Guinness World Record, the Trans Americas, on a BMWR1150GS Adventure.

In compliance with Guinness World Record rules the journey started in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and finished 17,000 miles and 35 days later in Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina, breaking the previous record by over 12 days.

This feat of endurance was completed with no support team or other infrastructure which is so often a feature of Record attempts. Guinness World Records no longer regulate attempts to beat either the round the world, or Trans Americas motorcycle records.

After the Trans Americas record breaking ride, Kevin Sanders went on to ride the same R1150GS across the Trans Siberian Highway from Vladivostok to St Petersburg and then back to the UK. It has also been ridden in North Africa. The motorcycle has now completed over 100,000 miles and is a testament to the endurance capabilities of both machine and person.

The bike is still held by Kevin Sanders and is normally on public display at the World of BMW HQ in Wales.

The Sanders now run the UK’s leading motorcycle travel and adventure company, GlobeBusters, which offers motorcyclists the opportunity to experience for themselves some of the stunning locations and routes which Kevin and Julia traversed during their Guinness World record rides.

Feats of Endurance can be seen as part of a visit to the whole Beaulieu attraction which is open every day from 10 a.m. For more information visit or telephone 01590 612345.