Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers Used by AMA Pros

Chicken Hawk Racing

Chicken Hawk Racing’s Pro-Line tire warmers are used by most riders in the AMA Pro paddock to help their tires generate instant traction when the green flag flies.

Designed and built in the U.S. with American-sourced materials, the Digital Pro-Lines are distinguished by their super-tough and great-looking aluminized, Kevlar exterior that reflects the heat of the tire warmers back into the tires, making them the best-insulated tire warmers built.

More than bike bling, these Shimmering Chrome warmers feature technology that allows them to outperform all competitors.

Featuring nearly 100 feet of heating elements in each warmer, Chicken Hawk Racing’s proprietary alloy wire is spaced to conform to tires’ contours, ensuring proper surface contact and providing slow, even heat. Uniquely flexible, they stand up to years of bending as the tire warmers are in use and rolled up for storage.

Digital Pro-Line tire warmers have trick, digital controllers that display actual tire temperature as the units work their magic. Temperature set point is adjustable with the push of a button – from ambient to 212 degrees. When setting tires’ hot pressure in the pits, the resulting higher temperatures make tires track-ready.

Lower settings are used to maintain optimal temperature between track sessions, limit heat cycles over a tire’s life and safely warm tires of different compounds, including ultra-sensitive rains.

Like all Chicken Hawk Racing warmers, the Pro-Lines utilize a tough, patented DuPont Nomex melt-proof inner liner and felted Nomex insulation to keep heat in. Digital Pro-Line warmers come with a foam-filled, impact-resistant, injection-molded carrying case.

They’re available for all popular sportbike tire sizes, as well as 125 GP and dirt track applications. The standard color for Chicken Hawk’s top tire warmers is Shimmering Chrome, but other colors are available and logos can be integrated into custom designs.

In 2010, Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers helped AMA Pro racers score a pair of national championships, 30 race wins, 86 podiums and 16 pole positions. They’re built from the finest materials, are easy to mount, simple to remove and efficiently bring today’s high-tech rubber up to optimum temperature and hot pressure for safety and performance on the track.

Working directly with elite racers, top teams and the world’s leading tire engineers, Chicken Hawk Racing continues to prove–and improve–its products in America’s premier motorcycle roadracing series. For more information on how to lead the pack with Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers and related products, log on to

Chicken Hawk Racing Digital Pro-Line Tire Warmers
Retail Price: $490 to $540 per set

  • Set for 180-195 sized rear tires – $540.00
  • Set for 150-165 sized rear tires – $540.00
  • Set for 125 GP bikes only – $490.00
  • Set for 12″ Wheels Only – $490.00
  • Set for 19″ Dirt Track only – $540.00

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