Held Titan | Motorcycle Gloves

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Held of Germany makes a curious claim for their Titan gloves: “More protection is not currently possible!” While I carefully avoided crash-testing Held’s flagship racing glove, the Titan is certainly a high-quality glove that respects the tactile aspect of handwear, as well as the protective.

Using unusually thin kangaroo leather on the palms and grip-side of the fingers, and eschewing a liner, the Titan glove ensures that little gets between your hands and the controls.

The transparent feel is perfect for high-performance riding, where every application of throttle, front brake, and clutch is intensely critical. I feel as though I can discern the texture of the levers as I apply them-the touch is that precise.

One would be rightfully concerned about such a thin palm in the event of a slide on the pavement. Fortunately, Held has a carbon fiber dome near the thumb and rugged stingray leather protecting the heel of the hand, where most impact and abrasion damage occurs.

The heel-saving stingray leather panel continues to the outer side of your hand, where it is again supplemented by a carbon fiber dome, plus more stingray leather along your wrist. While there is no lining in the palm, full padding on the back of the hand comfortably guards your skin from rough construction materials.

A carbon/aramid frame protects your knuckles, and itself is covered by titanium. The back of your hand and thumb are kept from harm by Kevlar hidden under foam padding, while the tops of your fingers are protected by yet more stingray leather, alternating with kangaroo leather reinforced by Kevlar.

A long fingerbridge helps keep you pinky safe in a fall by linking it to your ring finger. This will take some getting used to if you operate the levers with four fingers.

Keeping the Titan on your hand in the case of a get-off is of primary concern, and the long gauntlet has two hook-and-loop closures-a tab at the bottom, and an adjustable strap at the wrist. The cinch buckle is perfectly positioned to not interfere with the flexing of the wrist.

Protection, comfort, and feel-the Held Titan glove scores a hat trick.