VR46 Fan Club: ‘Bar Pizzeria da Rossi’

MotoGP News

The priest, the mayor, the Priors of the Feast of St. Pio, Berta the news agent, Silverio the barber, and the entire population of Tavullia invite you to the opening of Valentino Rossi Fan Club’s new offices.

Located in the heart of Tavullia, Italy, the renovated Rossi Fan Club is a meeting place for members, but it also opens its doors to all fans to come eat a pizza in the new “Bar Pizzeria da Rossi,” to have breakfast in the morning, to enjoy a drink, to relax in a comfortable video-game room or to follow all the MotoGP rounds or other sporting events in a comfortable TV room.

It’s all in the “Fan Club” style, which means a very social, friendly atmosphere. Soon, a sea-view terrace will also be opened, where the entire VR46 clothing line will be on display.

It’s a special occasion that you won’t want to miss, just like Valentino Rossi’s MotoGP debut with Ducati, which is why the Fan Club, in collaboration with the province of Pesaro, has decided to install a giant screen in Tavullia’s main square, in front of the Fan Club, for fans to watch the Qatar Grand Prix.

After all, if the priest, the mayor, the Priors of the Feast of San Pio, Berta the news agent, Silverio the barber and the local populace are all so content at the home of the Fan Club, there must be a reason….