Italika: One Million Motorcycles Sold

Mexican Motorcycle Industry

The Italika Motorcycle brand has sold one million motorcycles in its six years of operations, making it the top-selling brand in Mexico, the brand's owner Grupo Elektra, S.A. de C.V reported this week.

Grupo Elektra, which is Latin America's leading financial services company and specialty retailer, says the Italika motorcycle brand is also a popular option in Brazil, Peru, Honduras and Guatemala.

The millionth Italika motorcycle was delivered Friday to an Elektra store in Tabasco, Grupo Elektra says. The company has many models, including the FT150, AT110 and ST90. 

Grupo Electra says in Mexico, Italika sells more than 200,000 motorcycles annually, representing 63-percent of total motorcycle sales in the country; it has an assembly plant in the city of Toluca with production capacity of 350,000 motorcycles with world-class quality standards. The plant has a 30,000 m3 warehouse of replacements parts, to ensure timely supply, as well as an R&D lab to monitor quality of every part.

Italika is also huge on product support, having a network of about 500 service centers across Mexico. Italika motorcycles are fuel efficient, which makes them economical transportation and contributes to lower consumption of fossil fuels. Italika motorcycles also represent easy maneuverability and space efficiency that shorten travel times for many users.

Grupo Elektra says it "expects to benefit a growing number of families by providing efficient transportation options that expand productivity and improve living standards in the communities where Italika motorcycles are sold."