Honda (HSMI) Seeks to Top India Sales

India Motorcycle Industry

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. LTD. (HMSI) has one goal regarding the India motorcycle/scooter market: be the top two-wheel seller by 2020.

It's first step towards such a goal came Monday when HSMI reported it would enter the 100-cc motorcycle market in India. HSMI hopes this move will allow it to surpass the largest selling motorcycle manufacturer in India, Hero Honda Motors Ltd., which HSMI recently split from.

Currently, Hero Honda sells almost three times as many motorcycles and scooters as HSMI, the latter expecting to sell 1.65 million units through March.

Besides entering the 100cc motorcycle segment, a category that makes up more than half of the sales in India, HSMI also recently launched the global "road bike" to India motorcyclists, the Honda CBR250R. HSMI's only 110cc bike is the CB Twister, but its a bit higher in price compared to Hero Honda's bike in the segment.

Shinji Aoyama says (HMSI President & CEO) says: "Our target in the next decade is to be No.1 in India. For the first time, we will introduce a mass segment motorcycle in the 100cc category…it is the first priority for us.

"We have not been entering the mass segment because of existence of Hero Honda (its erstwhile joint venture partner). But now for a while, we will concentrate on introducing mass models. We will introduce the 100cc bike in next year…it is currently under development."

HSMI has a factory in Manesar, India, where it claims to build 1.6 million motorcycles/scooters in a year. It is scheduled to open another factory in Tapukara in July-August.