Moto For Japan: Motorcyclists Unite

Japan Earthquake Fundraiser

MotoForJapan is the shared idea of Greg Hatton and Jon Bekefy, a pair of riders and industry employees who initiated the fundraiser in an effort to bring motorcyclists together in support of a country that’s given so much to the two-wheeled world.

In its first 24 hours, MotoForJapan has seen more than $3,000 in contributions, with everyone from privateer racers to major publications taking up the cause.

Jon Bekefy says: "We love the sport of motorcycle racing, we’ve long earned a living in this industry, and we ride bikes built in Japan. The Japanese people have contributed so much to our passions and our livelihoods, and we believe-both as motorcyclists and regular humans-that we have an obligation to aid and assist in this time of terrible loss.

"There are lots of channels through which people can financially assist Japan right now; MotoForJapan is one way for motorcyclists to acknowledge Japan’s influence and involvement in our lives while attempting to pay it back."

Greg Hatton says: "There are so many things that come with being a part of this community, and in the end, a lot of that is a direct result of Japan and its citizens’ involvement in what we all love and cherish. Whether you’re a rider, a racer, an industry employee, or a fan of any of the Big Four, this is an opportunity to give back to one of the most important nation-contributors of all things riding and racing."

Monies donated through MotoForJapan go directly toward funding Red Cross relief efforts in that country. To donate, or for more information, please visit click here.


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