Moto2: Thai Honda Singh-SAG Team Launch

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The Thai Honda Singha-SAG rider Ratthapark Wilairot (Feem) returned to his home country after having done his first pre-season kilometers at the IRTA test at Jerez de la Frontera, since returning home he attended the team presentation which was held in Bangkok, now there is only a week to go before the first Moto2 race of the season in Qatar.

Feem is very happy to face the new season with big changes in the team and with new personal sponsors, he is more motivated than ever before, and looking forward to achieving his short term and long term goals.

The owner and team manager Eduardo Perales moved to Bangkok a day after of the Irta tests at Jerez to assist at the Thai Honda Singha-SAG team's presentation ceremony and has expressed with these words his feelings before beginning the season.

Eduardo Perales says: "I am proud to have Thai Honda, Singha, The pizza company, PTT and SAT as well as others as supporters making possible to be in the world Moto2 championship one year more. This year begins complicated for Feem but I am sure that his talent and his hope will give us major moments and great results in this 2011."

Meanwhile, Ratthapark Wilairot showed his desire to be with the best this year.

Ratthapark Wilairot says: "The end of the last year and the beginning of this wasn't good for me and first of all I want to thank all my family and friends their support. As always Thai Honda helped me at the good and bad moments and for this I have to thank them and all the sponsors that this year supports us looking for the success in the world Moto2 championship and making this possible.

"Also we don't have to forget the Stop And Go Racing Team that one year more will be my team. This year we are a team and I want to reach what I have never got at the world championship, the podium, and of course, repeat it the maximum times possible."


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