Saxon Motorcycles USA Launches New Site

2011 Saxon Motorcycles

As Saxon Motorcycles USA continues to grow, the company launched a new website that showcases its 2011 models and the new options for 2011.

One of the popular options is that the new V100-inch EFI S&S engine is offered for all Saxon motorcycles.

Saxon says additional upgrades include four levels of custom paint, polished engines and transmissions, a chrome or black package. All models feature 96 cubic-inch S&S engines standard, 2-year warranties, and 80 spoke wheels.

Saxon Motorcycles USA

Saxon, a true American motorcycle, is unique and authentic. It is a symbol of strength and success. It represents the style of a man who knows what he wants, and who dares to make his own choices. He has an eye for quality and sophistication. He is a rebel in his own style. The rider experiences the freedom and rebellion of riding the open road. He is at one with himself and his bike. His Saxon is a unique expression of his individuality.

Saxon stands for power and quality, comfort and self expression. It is a custom built motorcycle, handmade in the professional factory in the USA and fits the driver excellently. It is a beautiful motorcycle, that retains its value.

Saxons are reliable and have a 2-year factory warranty. Always the best choice, it is the number 1 USA production custom motor in Europe.

At the moment Saxon Motorcycles Europe has five models: the Warlord, Firestorm, Henchman, the Whip and the Crown. The motorcycles are approved in conformity with the strict European standards on safety, emission and sound.

Therefore all bikes of Saxon Motorcycles Europe are "road legal" and can be easily registered by the dealers in every country of the European Union (EU).


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