Pirelli: 41 Compounds for Motorcycle Racers

Motorcycle Track Day

A stunning total of 30 new Pirelli tire compounds and sizes are available this season for road racers and track-day riders through Innovative Motorcycle Research (IMR), the Pirelli East Coast Motorcycle Road Racing Distributor.

This results in an ultra-stunning total of 41 Pirelli tire compounds and sizes available to all licensed road racers for every East Coast racing series, including new compounds for track-day riders.

The focus of Pirelli’s race-tire line-up is the new 180/60-ZR17 World Supersport Diablo Supercorsa DOT tire, the same one used by teams competing in the hotly contested World Supersport class.

For liter bikes, IMR has the new incomparable Pirelli 200/55-ZR17 DOT and the new 200/60-ZR17 SLICK, providing racers with a combination of compound and profile unavailable from any competitor.

Richard Cronrath (IMR Principal) says: "We’re very excited to be distributing so many new products from Pirelli for 2011. We already have the new tires in our New Jersey warehouse, and have been supplying vendors. Every week we’re getting more new products. For another month, or so, some of the new sizes are only available in limited quantities due to the overwhelming demand for them."

IMR is also thrilled to announce a price decrease. A full set of the current World Supersport tires -120-front, 180/55-rear – are priced at $375.00, down from last year’s $430.00 a set. A set that includes the new 200 DOTs or Slicks are priced in the $430.00-range.

Meeting the unique needs of track-day riders, Pirelli has developed the Diablo Superbike Pro, which is now available through IMR’s East Coast vendors. The Diablo Superbike Pro Trackday

Slick is a tire designed for the serious track-day enthusiast, providing riders with confidence-inspiring traction in a tire that lasts for miles and miles of laps, withstanding numerous heat cycles, giving riders predictable and consistent performance throughout the tire’s tread life.

The new Diablo Superbike Pro retails for $365.00, for a set of 120/180 sized tires. The Dragon Supercorsa Pro, which IMR considers its intermediate race tire, and the Diablo Rosso Corsa, a high-performance track-day DOT tire, are both priced at $325.00 for a set in the size combination of 120-front, 180-rear.

For more information contact Innovative Motorcycle Research Inc. at: 856-935-0366; or e-mail: info@racingmotorcycles.com. Racers and track-day riders are also encouraged to contact their local Pirelli race tire vendor, or to call IMR to determine who their local vendor is. Additional information can be found 24-hours a day at racingmotorcycles.com.