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Yoshimura has been producing EFI management systems for motorcycles for years. The PIM-2 and DATA Box are examples of Yoshimura’s technology that provides motorcycle tuners a complete EFI adjustability and data management solution.

Now, Yoshimura introduces the PIM-2, the evolution of their original motocross / ATV fuel injection adjustment "PIM" device. PIM-2 installs easily, typically in under 30-minutes, using simple plug-n-play technology.

Plug the PIM-2 into the stock wiring harness, mount it to your motocross bike using the supplied mounting kit, and you are ready to race. The PIM-2 comes pre-loaded with two separate fuel injection maps for either the Yoshimura slip-on or full exhaust system and the adjustability is limitless and easy.

If those two maps are not enough, there are dozens of maps downloadable for free on the Yoshimura website. No matter what pipe brand or engine modification configuration you have, more maps can be downloads available from the Yoshimura website.

Simply plug your laptop into the PIM-2 through a supplied USB cable and you can custom make your own fuel injection maps in minutes.

Yoshimura Motocross PIM-2 Features:
• Over 400 adjustment points in +/- 1% increments
• Easy to read screen – intuitive and logical
• Full range mapping every 500 RPM at 10% throttle intervals
• USB cable hook-up for your laptop for limitless custom tuning
• Includes plug-n-play complete wiring harness – simple to install
• Complete, simple instructions and instructional DVD included
• Optional dyno-tuning self-mapping DATA (Digital Advanced Tuning Assistant) for dealerships and performance shops
• MSRP: $339.95

Yoshimura Motocross PIM-2 Applications:
2010-2011 Suzuki RM-Z 250 – R-433-2183
2008-2011 Suzuki RM-Z450 – R-433-2191
2010-2011 Honda CRF 450 R – R-433-2257A
2011 Kawasaki KX 250 F – R-433-2428
2009-2011 Kawasaki KX 450 F – R-433-2446
2010 Yamaha YZ 450 F – R-433-2348
2011 KTM 350 SX-F – 600XX263500

The optional DATA kit consists of an air fuel sensor and amplifier box that plugs into the PIM-2 and allows for self-mapping of the motorcycle.

Self-mapping means that as the user runs the bike on a dyno or on a closed course, the DATA Box automatically calculates the required fuel adjustment at each RPM and throttle position to reach the user-selectable target air fuel ratio.

The DATA Box offers an alternative way for mapping without the time or cost of a custom dyno tune. For the rider looking for maximum performance, a dyno tune together with the DATA is the way to go.

The DATA Box mapping software allows for the user to easily enter the target air fuel ratio, start, stop, and review the results of the self-mapping function. Once the recommended adjustments have been reviewed, the user can either apply all of the suggested adjustments or just a certain range with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

The kit comes with all of the required hardware, but may require modification of the exhaust pipe to accept the air fuel sensor fitting.

Yoshimura Motocross Data Box Features:
• Reads air fuel
• Works with PIM-2 self-mapping feature
• Dyno or on track self mapping
• Computes fuel map for air fuel ratio settings from 11.0 to 15.0
• SST sensor bung included, optional Ti sensor bung available
• Sets fuel adjustments at each throttle position and RPM range
• Plug and play installation with the PIM-2 unit (may require pipe modification to accept sensor)
• Allows for quick and easy dyno tuning
• User-adjustable target air fuel ratio for performance and fuel economy
• Part Number: R-433-Data – MSRP: $429.00

Check www.yoshimura-rd.com for additional applications and updates.


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