2011 BMW K 1600 GT | First Ride

BMW Motorcycle

BMW’s all-new 2011 K 1600 GT motorcycle is what BMW calls a supreme tourer – and it is their flagship motorcycle model.

The most exciting new development from BMW is, of course, the big six-cylinder engine. Depending on which rpm you use, it is both smooth and lively depending on which rpm range you use.

The K 1600 GT midrange is smoothness itself, and cruising along in sixth gear, even at low speed, is completely effortless. Kick down a few in the motorcycle’s gearbox, and the big six awakens with a distinctive roar. The BMW 1.6-liter engine changes character to something much more dynamic.

The seat is comfortable, and I hardly felt an ache after about 200 miles in the BMW K 1600 GT’s saddle. There are heated grips available from BMW, as well as a heated seat. However, in the sweltering South African sun I could read figures of up to 100 degrees, so it would not have been a good idea for me to add to this.

BMW’s ESA II is a great feature where I could change from a soft comfortable suspension setup to a dynamic harder setup whilst on the move. BMW’s traction control and ABS adds supreme safety to the package, and what a comprehensive package the K 1600 GT is.

Throughout the day I was impressed with the many options I could access on the menu. These settings determine the BMW K 1600 GT’s comfort, and the bike can completely changes nature if you wish for any sort of ride you desire, from flat-land touring to hard riding through tight mountain passes.

There’s a couple of niggles with the gearbox/clutch set-up, so I’ll come back with a full report on the 2011 BMW K 1600 GT touring motorcycle in my forthcoming article.