Japanese Motorcycle Exports Up in January

Motorcycles From Japan

The number of Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda motorcycles exported by Japan in Jan. of 2011 shows signs of a recovering global motorcycle market. Japanese motorcycle exports for the month were recorded at 43,664 units.

When compared with the 38,255 motorcycles recorded for the same month of the previous year, this represents a strong increase of 5,409 units or 14.1%, as exports have increased on the same month of the previous year for the last nine consecutive months.

Yamaha exported 16,152 motorcycles for a 22.6% as compared to last year, followed by Suzuki with 11,179 units for a 15.5% increase and Kawasaki with 8,742 units for a 20.9% increase, while Honda dropped 7.2% by shipping only 7,591 motorcycles.

The exports for Japanese motorcycle manufacturers (Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda) totaled 43,664 units for an overall 14.1% increase.

Export figures for three of the four displacement classes also improved: the 50cc-or-under exported 1,008 units, up 881 units or 693.7%, the 51-125cc class exported 3,367 units, up 1,020 units or 43.5%, the 126-250cc class exported 5,200 units, down 371 units or 6.7%, while the over 250cc class exported 34,089 units, up 3,879 units or 12.8%.

Europe remained the largest destination market for Japanese motorcycles at 19,691 units, down 00.3% from same period last year. North America continued to be the second largest market receiving 13,319 motorcycles, up an impressive 60.9%.

The U.S. breakdown accounted for 11,928 Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda motorbikes, demonstrating a welcomed 72.9% growth rate.


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