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Brembo, an acknowledged innovator of high-performance brake technology, has released information on two new products specifically designed for the Cafe Racer and Custom bike markets: The Brembo .484 Caliper and the Groove Rotor.

Brembo .484 Caliper

The new Brembo .484 caliper was designed for the Cafe Racer and Custom bike markets, an increasingly demanding class of customer.

The name .484 comes from the displacement of the single caliper pistons, measured in cubic inches, typical of the V Twin market.

This new caliper is made entirely from billet stock, starting from a machined block of aluminum using the very latest CAM technologies. Three steel bolts inserted from the wheel side join the two caliper halves.

The .484 has a charcoal gray finish created by hard anodizing, with a large red Brembo logo located on the top of the piston at the rotor entry side. The caliper incorporates radial mounting technology to guarantee maximum operating precision and is interchangeable with all Brembo calipers having a 100 mm mount.

Special guides machined directly into the body of the caliper assist the sliding action of the pads; therefore, no guide pins are required. Supplied in kit form, the product comes with sintered pads and is accompanied by an instruction booklet and Brembo stickers.

The Brembo Groove Rotor

This new rotor – The Groove – is part of the new Brembo offering for the Custom, Café Racer and Bike Night markets.

The design of the hub flange – machined entirely from billet stock – is particularly distinctive, featuring a special black/charcoal gray anodized finish that creates a unique look, further enhanced by eye-catching grooves machined into the surface after the anodizing process.

The familiar red Brembo logo, applied by hand in the Brembo workshops, is located between the spokes of the hub flange.Targeted strictly at enthusiasts, The Groove is intended as an emblem, symbolizing and defining the culture of the true Cafe Racers: a product embodying top quality, total visual appeal and pure enjoyment.

The rotor is completely interchangeable on all classic Cafe Racer machines – Triumph, Ducati, and Honda – and on most of the "specials" currently available. The product is supplied in kit form with all of the necessary instructions.

Price: Brembo .484 Caliper Kit: $1,599

Brembo Groove Rotor Kit: $749

Price: TBA

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