Mission R Premiere at Pro Italia

Mission R Electric Superbike

On Saturday, Feb. 12 at Pro Italia Motorcycles in Glendale, Calif., Mission Motors unveiled their latest zero emission vehicle, the Mission R motorcycle in one of the first-ever public showings of what might prove to be one of the most technologically advanced and beautiful electric superbikes to hit the racetrack.

While at the Mission R public debut, we had the opportunity to gain a bit more depth and insight from the motorcycle company’s founder, Edward West and the Marketing Manager, David Salguero, as we snuck into a small office tucked in the back of Pro Italia’s service garage- thus, the occasional ancillary noises of business as usual are included in the attached audio interview.

With 141 hp and 115 ft-lb of torque, (0-6400 RPM) and a top speed exceeding 160 mph in a single gear, we found ourselves more than eager to secure a slot for a proper track test and follow up review of this historic electric superbike offering, the Mission R from Mission Motors.