Shoei Motorcycle Helmet Fitment

Helmet Fitment

No motorcycle helmet can protect the wearer against all foreseeable high and low-speed impacts. However, to help maximize head protection, the helmet must fit properly, and the retention system must be securely fastened under the chin.

Failure to ride with a proper fitting helmet and securely fastened chinstrap is dangerous, as the helmet could come off during an accident, resulting in severe head trauma or death.

To determine the proper motorcycle helmet fit and learn how to safely secure your chinstrap retention system, check out this latest installment in Shoei’s Tech Tip Series.

Motorcycle Helmet Fit

  • Measure your head size.
  • Select a helmet that is closest to your measured size (use sizing chart).

Try Before You Buy Your New Motorcycle Helemt

  • Expand the helmet opening, and then slide your head into it. Pull the chinstraps only, not the chinstrap covers. If the helmet is not snug around the dome of your head, it is likely too big for you.

Check for Proper Motorcycle Helmet Fit

  • Does the inner lining fit snugly around your entire head?
  • Does the top pad press closely around the dome of your head?
  • Are the cheek pads in contact with your cheeks?
  • Does the brow lining fit snugly against your brow?
  • Take hold of the helmet with a hand on each side. Without moving your head, move the helmet up and down and side to side. You should feel the skin of your head and face being pulled as you try to move the helmet.

Check Motorcycle Helmet Strap

  • Fasten the chinstrap so that it is tight against your chin (No slack).
  • Put your hands flat on the back of the helmet and try to push the helmet off by rotating it forward.
  • Put your hands on the front of the helmet above your forehead and try to push the helmet off by rotating it rearward. If the helmet starts to come off in either direction, do not use this helmet, as either the helmet is too big for you, or the chinstrap is not tightened properly.
  • To securely fasten the D-ring retention system, thread the end of the chinstrap through the D-ring, and pull it tight against your throat.

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