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AMA Pro Racing announced Thursday the appointment of Laurel Allen to the post of Media and Channel Marketing Consultant, which she will fulfill as an independent contractor.

Allen, who previously served as Road Racer X magazine’s Senior Editor, will manage an ongoing, aggressive campaign to strengthen and promote AMA Pro’s Road Racing and Flat Track series.

In this newly created role, Allen-in addition to handling traditional print and online media duties-will manage AMA Pro’s social media efforts while assisting series participants in raising their own profiles in this area.

She’ll also work to create dynamic, one-off events and promotions that deliver added value to existing sponsors and fans, as well as to reach out to non-endemic media, companies, and audiences.

David Atlas (AMA Pro COO) says: "I am thrilled to have Laurel join AMA Pro’s group of key advisers. Laurel’s long-term presence in the AMA racing paddock, and her very significant experience with some of the finest premier motorcycle publications, gives me great confidence about the substantial contribution she will make to our efforts to really elevate professional motorcycle racing."

Laurel Allen says: "I grew up in race paddocks, and these series have been a part of my life since I can remember. After spending the last five years at RRX thinking and writing about U.S. motorcycle racing, I’m really excited to have an opportunity to actually do something about it-to effect change and improvements in a way I couldn’t before."

Allen will be present at all of the 2011 AMA Pro Road Racing events, as well as at a number of non-conflicting AMA Pro Flat Track events. If you’re not yet connected with AMA Pro online, please join us at the following:


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