NJ Sunday Motorcycle Sales Update

Motorcycle Legislation

New Jersey is one step closer to permitting the sale of motorcycles on Sunday.

Legislation to allow the sales of motorcycles on Sunday has cleared the state Assembly, and is now headed to Gov. Chris Christie’s desk for approval. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Donald Norcross, D-Camden, has already passed the Senate.

Donald Norcross says: "With our dealerships closed for business on Sunday, consumers are heading across the river to dealers who are welcoming them with open arms."

The bill does not affect the state’s Sunday ban on Automobile sales. Motorcycle Dealers are supporting the state legislators who are challenging the country’s archaic Blue Laws, which bans certain commerce sales, such as motorcycles, on Sundays.

These Blue Laws go back to the Puritan era, when bans were imposed due to religious reasons. Thirteen states, including New Jersey, still have Blue Laws in affect regarding automobile sales.


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