Paul Jr. Designs to Use BioKey for Bikes

Custom Motorcycles

Paul Teutul Jr., owner of Paul Jr. Designs, will use the newly developed "BioKey for Bikes" on an upcoming custom-designed chopper build.

The BioKey for Bikes is a unique fingerprint security product for motorcycles, which will only allow the owner of the motorcycle to start the machine. This system was designed by Hawk Systems, Inc.

Hawk says the BioKey for Bikes is designed to replace the key used to unlock the electrical panel of a motorcycle. It also ignites the electrical panel to allow the end user to push the start button and start the bike. Without his or her fingerprint, there is no electricity running to the bike’s components thus no start capabilities.

David Coriary (Hawk Founder and Director) says: "Attracting Paul Jr. Designs to launch our product represents a tremendous opportunity to reach out to millions of Americans that own motorcycles and custom choppers, with a unique, fun and affordable security product that gets the job done."

Hawk Systems is a designer and developer of biometric products and systems which recently introduced "AUTO PASS 2.0″ for automobiles and has developed BioKey for Bikes in cooperation with its exclusive distributor FIST Enterprises. FIST President Joseph A. Infante said he was "thrilled" to be working with Paul Teutul Jr. (former owner of American Choppers) and expects the new product will generate tremendous interest and substantial sales beginning Q2 2011.

Paul Jr. is part of the famed motorcycle reality show, American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior. The all new Sr. Vs Jr., which was a hit when it was released on TLC this past fall, displays the rivalry between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr., as the son split from the dad’s business due to arguments and a law suit, which was all included in the first season of the motorcycle show.


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