MotoGP: Rossi Red Ducati GP11 Unveiling

2011 Rossi Livery

At Madonna de Campiglio in Italy, the MotoGP / Ducati world is going "pazzo."

On Tuesday for the 21st edition of Wrooom held at the famed ski resort, fans and journalists got their first taste of a Valentino Rossi in red as he and new teammate Nicky Hayden unveiled their 2011 Ducati colors.

And on Wednesday, these fans and journalists were treated with a unique "destriero" branded with the famed 46 on it as Ducati unveiled Rossi's Desmosedici GP11; Hayden's GP11 was also unveiled.

The Ducati GP11 that Rossi will compete on during the 2011 MotoGP Championship features individualized fairings, which were personalized by world-renowned artist Aldo Drudi, founder of Drudi Performance. The Desmo has the typical Ducati red, but also features some of the iconic yellow Rossi is known for on the tailpiece.

Filippo Preziosi, the manager of Ducati Corse, explained the details of the Ducati GP11s at Wrooom, discussing aerodynamics, and a revised engine, chassis and electronics.

Filippo Preziosi says: "The aerodynamics are completely different, and the features are those we tested at Valencia (in November) upon which we will base the evolution of the bike."

Ducati General Manager Claudio Domenicali was also in attendance, discussing the 2011 MotoGP season.

Claudio Domenicali says: "2011 will be a year of great change. It will be the start of the third phase of our presence in MotoGP, a historic moment. To have Valentino in the team is a new aspect. Everybody knows what Valentino is capable of in terms of giving feedback for improving the bike and furthering the capacity of our project."


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