AHDRA: New Harley Draggin Bagger Class

Harley Racing News

Harley-Davidson Motor Company is pleased to announce the continuation of its long-standing sponsorship of the All Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA) along with the launch of a new Draggin’ Bagger drag racing class for the 2011 racing season.

The foundation of the Draggin Bagger class is Harley-Davidson’s Screamin’ Eagle 120R engine, a fully assembled performance engine designed for off-road racing use.

Assembled at Harley-Davidson’s Pilgrim Road facility in Menominee Falls, Wisconsin, the 120 cubic-inch V-Twin engine provides the capability for an awesome 135 horsepower and 137 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheel when equipped with a high-flow throttle body and injectors and tuned intake and exhaust systems.

Reserved for 1999-and-later Harley-Davidson Touring model motorcycles equipped with the 120R engine, the Dragging Bagger class features limited performance modifications to ensure low entry cost and a high level of competition.

Original equipment frame, fairings, saddlebags and other bodywork are required, and limited modifications are permitted to the brakes, suspension, transmission and other components to maintain an externally stock appearing motorcycle.

Tony Nicosia (Category Manager for Screamin’ Eagle Parts & Accessories) says: "This is Harley-Davidson’s first time in several decades to offer a crate racing motor, and we’re excited to work with AHDRA to launch this new racing class to support the Screamin’ Eagle 120R engine."

"Together we’ve created a class that allows even a novice team to enjoy affordable racing. We anticipate strong participation and some exciting action during the 2011 racing season."

Craig Tharpe (AHDRA) says: "AHDRA is proud to continue carrying the Screamin’ Eagle banner to the racing community, and we are excited to finally let the cat out of the bag on the 120R. This engine makes a great package when paired with a Harley-Davidson Touring bike that will economically put its rider in the saddle of a wheelie popping, 10-second racing machine."

The Draggin Bagger class debuts at the AHDRA’s Screamin Eagle Bike Week Nationals in Orlando, Fla., March 4-6, 2011. For more information about the AHDRA, including complete class rules, visit ahdra.com.

Retail price for a complete 120R engine is $5,495.95. For more information on the Screamin Eagle 120R engine and other race-use components, see the 2011 Screamin Eagle Pro Racing Parts Catalog [visit hd.com/screamineagleparts to download the complete 2011 racing parts catalog].