NAAS Promotes AMA Dirt Track at Du Quoin

AMA Grand Championship

The American Motorcyclist Association is pleased to announce a new promoting partner for the AMA Racing Dirt Track Grand Championships.

North America Action Sports (NAAS) will promote and operate the 2011 championship event July 25-31 at the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds in Du Quoin, Ill.

Joe Bromley (AMA Director of Racing) says: "The three legs of a successful event are sanctioning, operations and promotions. As the largest amateur motorsports sanctioning body in the United States, the AMA historically seeks strong promoting partners to ensure our events are the best they can be."

"We are confident that this new partnership with North America Action Sports, an experienced leader in event promotion, will pay big dividends for racers and fans at the AMA Racing Dirt Track Grand Championships."

Rosanna Grzebinski, who along with her husband, Patrick, Grzebinski owns NAAS, says the company is excited about expanding its involvement into dirt-track competition.

Rosanna Grzebinski says: "We are thrilled to be working with the AMA on the 2011 AMA Racing Dirt Track Grand Championships at the beautiful Du Quoin State Fairgrounds."

"Our first goal is to have a smooth transition with this popular and historic event. We also intend to work hard to expand the popularity of dirt-track and encourage racers from other disciplines to get involved in the sport. We look forward to working with this fantastic group of people at their amazing facility!"

NAAS also promotes the AMA Racing Ice Race Grand Championships, which recently went live with online registration at, and is a sister company to Baja Acres MX, a major motocross track and promoter near Flint, Mich.

The AMA Racing Dirt Track Grand Championships crown champions based on their accumulated points in all four dirt-track disciplines throughout the event.

The top riders compete for the AMA Dirt Track Horizon Award, which honors the amateur racer poised for success on the pro level. Racers field traditional dirt-trackers and the latest DTX-machinery. DTX bikes are a fast-growing segment of dirt-track racing. They begin as showroom-fresh motocross bikes that are then fitted with dirt-track tires, suspension and other modifications.

The event features competition in half-mile, short-track, TT and Mile racing. The indoor short-track facility is one of the finest in the nation, while the Du Quoin Magic Mile is one of the most historic mile courses in the world.

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