Moose Racing: Boot, Helmet & Glove Dryer

Motorcycle Gear

Nobody likes to put on motorcycle gear that hasn’t fully dried after your last ride. Fortunately, with the new boot, helmet and glove Dryer from Moose Racing this is no longer a problem.

The PEET multi-dryer circulates air throughout the motorcycle boots, helmet and gloves to quickly remove moisture that can cause odors and deteriorate the linings of your gear.

The boot, helmet and glove Dryer is now available from your local Parts Unlimited dealer. To find a dealer near you or to check out other new products from Moose Racing, please visit

Moose Racing: Motorcycle Boot, Helmet & Glove Dryer Features:
• PEET multi dryer provides convection air technology that circulates air to safely dry footwear, gloves and helmets
• Eliminates odor caused by perspiration and bacteria
• Removes mold and mildew that deteriorates linings
• Two dryports for gloves, one dryport for helmet and four footwear dryports
• Does not get hot or blow hot air
• Dryports must be used for all gear drying
• Helmet, gloves & boots not included
• Imported
• Retail Price: $99.95 • Part Number: 3430-0195

About Parts Unlimited
Parts Unlimited is the world’s largest distributor of aftermarket accessories in the powersports industry and is owned by LeMans Corporation headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin. Parts Unlimited sells to over 12,000 dealerships world wide and continues to expand its market penetration with its sister companies, Parts Canada, Parts Europe and Drag Specialties.
Parts Unlimited continues to promote racing through its campaign WE SUPPORT THE SPORT, helping to drive consumers to dealerships, while entertaining its dealers through hospitalities at the events it sponsors.

About Moose and Moose Utility Division
As the industry leader in motorcycle/ATV parts and accessories, Moose has dedicated itself to providing riders and racers alike with the highest quality and best performing products available. With thousands of items ranging from riding gear, jackets and boots to gaskets, t-handles and fender bags, Moose has you covered. Whether you’re trail riding with friends, hunting in the woods or jumping Supercross triples, Moose offers the most comprehensive list of products in the industry to satisfy all your riding needs.


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