Harley: HOG Member Police Officer | Video

Harley-Davidson Video

In this official Harley-Davidson YouTube Video, Angelo Todaro shows what it takes to be a motorcycle officer with the Suffolk County Police Department in Long Island, N.Y.

Todaro, who is also a H.O.G. member since 1998, doesn’t only ride motorcycles when he’s working, though. When he’s not on duty or instructing the H-D Police Motorcycle Course, he’s riding with friends, enjoying the freedom that comes with the open road.

In this Harley video, some footage of the H-D Police Motorcycle Course is showing, displaying how officers have to learn some very tight maneuvers, such as a a U-turn in 17 feet, and riding off road.

And yes, all these tasks are performed on a fully-equipped Harley-Davidson Electra Glide. Todaro says he takes his lessons from the Harley course, and teaches his riding buddies some techniques to make them safer on the road.

Motorcycles are a huge part of Todaro’s life, and they help him provide safety to Suffolk County.