2011 TTXGP: CRP Working on eCRP 1.4

2011 TTXGP Prep

The Italian factory CRP is working in its headquarters on the new version of the Italian electric racing motorcycle, the eCRP 1.4 that will replace the eCRP 1.2, the European Champion of the TTXGP 2010.

The eCRP 1.4 will be the strong point of the 2011 season for the Modena factory, and it is to be made available to all teams, regardless of electric motorcycle racing series.

The new green-tech TTXGP motorcycle will have some improvements, which will be revealed with a detailed technical sheet in early 2011.

Meanwhile, regarding the latest news on the upcoming season, the championship TTXGP made some changes to the technical regulations for next season, namely the introduction of two classes, the Open Formula GP and Formula 75.

Specifically, the Formula Open GP will be open to all electric vehicles with a maximum weight of 250kg, while in the case of Formula 75 (7.5 kWh), were placed significant limitations on the amount of energy that the vehicle can carry, this is going to affect in some way the engine power, once the length of the race has been established, with the weight has been set at a maximum of 200kg.


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