2011 Piaggio Liberty e-Mail | Preview

2011 Liberty e-Mail

The Piaggio Liberty is an agile, lightweight high-wheeled scooter that is used for delivery services by local authorities and companies in over ten European Countries.

A scooter fleet of over 60,000 Liberty - a high number for the two-wheeled sector - is used, among others, by the Postal services in France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

With success to support it, the 2011 Piaggio Liberty e-Mail is now available with a brand new and evolutionary electric powered motor.

The electric unit is 2.6 kW (with the possibility to switch between to control mappings - "Long Range" and "Power", plus reverse gear) and guarantees performances comparable to 4-valve 50 cc 4-stroke internal combustion engines.

But with zero level of polluting and noise emissions, a characteristic that makes it the ideal vehicle for delivery services in historic city centers, Limited Traffic Zones and strict "zero emission" only zones.

The 2011 Piaggo Liberty e-Mail can cope with medium distance routes as it has a range of over 70 km when using the 2-battery version.

The vehicle is fitted with an integrated battery charger, and can be recharged in most conditions, using both household mains socket and public column network supplies.

The two batteries are high energy density type; they use lithium technology and recharge in just 5 hours. Piaggio Liberty e-Mail is also available with one battery only; in this case the range exceeds 35 km and recharging times are as low as 3 hours.

Liberty e-Mail scooter also comes with a large rear luggage rack that can be used to carry packages and larger objects, a sturdy front carrier rack ideal for postal mail and documents sacks and a big windscreen.

The load space can also be increased with the possibility to tow a trolley and hence reach a capacity of up to 80 kg. The Piaggio graphics can be customized with the colors and logo of the relative business concern.


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