2010 BMW GS Trophy Organizer Interview

2010 GS Trophy

Alongside Tomm Wolf and Jan du Toit, Michael Trammer carried much of the burden of organizing and coordinating the BMW GS Trophy 2010.

Upon his return to Munich, BMW asked him for his reflections on what must have been a demanding undertaking.

Did the 2010 GS Trophy live up to your expectations?

MT: This event exceeded all my expectations! It was great to see how enthusiastic and well prepared the participants of the GS Trophy 2010 have been. It has been an honor for me to be a part of this community!

Logistically it must have been a huge undertaking, how pleased are you about the way it came off?

MT: I might say that I am very pleased that we had no problems at the border posts and that all of us received their equipment in time. Sometimes it was not easy but thankfully everything went smoothly.

The event was designed to be a proper rider challenge – how much of a challenge was it to deliver an event that gave the riders the chance to take the risks they wanted to take and yet retain a reasonable level of safety for all involved?

MT: That is a very good question! Indeed it is very difficult to find the right balance between demanding special tests as well as challenging routes and a reasonable level of safety. In this context it is important to say that speed was never a relevant measured value during the GS Trophy.

I think given Tomm Wolf’s daily briefings every participant of the GS Trophy knew very well that "this is not a race!" But Tomm’s experience and consultancy was also very helpful in finding the right mix.

We did everything to guarantee a high level of safety. The GS Trophy was accompanied by two doctors and five paramedics. I have to point out that I am more than happy that they had not too much work. All together we had more than 100,000 km of riding but only a few injuries which were not very serious.

Almost immediately there was an incredible sense of goodwill and camaraderie between the riders, the organizers, in fact between everyone involved. And that stayed to the end. How much did you expect this? How much did it surprise you?

MT: This was exactly what we were striving for. We wanted to develop an event which is not only a competition between 10 different teams but more a competition for all 10 teams together. During this awesome week we all became just one big GS Trophy team. The team spirit and camaraderie was overwhelming. This was more than we could expect!

What was the 2010 GS Trophy’s greatest success?

MT: The fantastic enthusiasm of its participants and the huge number of GS fans all over the world who were following the adventure via the internet.

Looking forward to the 2012 GS Trophy – what will you carry forward and what might you change?

MT: The big success of this year’s GS Trophy confirmed us to continue with our concept. Of course we will analyze strengths and weaknesses, but at the moment it is too early to make any statements. But you can be sure that we start looking for a new destination for 2012 right now! We are really looking forward to continue in two years. We can hardly wait for it!