Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat | Preview

2012 Confederate Hellcat

The third generation of the legendary Confederate Hellcat is now available for pre-order from the company’s online store, Work & Cycle.

Dubbed the 2012 Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat, the new Confederate is powered by a 132 cubic inch Copperhead engine that has been developed in alliance with S&S.

The Copperhead puts out in excess of 145 ft-lbs of torque, according to a Confederate spokesman, and the horsepower is understatedly described as "sufficient."

Confederate tells Ultimate Motorcycling that "the unitized case construction is machined from a 400 pound block of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum carved into 37 pounds of core motorcycle structural permanence," and continues to claim, "there is no tougher way to craft the motorcycle.

Without a doubt, the 132 cubic inch Copperhead motor in the C3 X132 Hellcat is a monster. It utilizes a 43-pound hard-steel, one-piece, forged crank that connects to forged hard-steel rod.

At the top is a pair of 4.4-inch full-skirt pistons that slide up and down a 4.4-inch stroke for a perfectly square motor. Short pushrods control the valves via roller rockers.

According to Confederate, "To this power we fused the best powertrain solution ever devised for massive low rpm torque deployment, the patented Confederate design system. This proven drag race derived system is designed, specified and built to maintain perfect crankshaft to output shaft alignment, irrespective of the suddenness or magnitude of torque application."

Making further durability claims, a Confederate spokesman says, "This system will take a beating and never fail. This superior technology has been validated over 15 years and millions of miles under the most arduous of circumstances and conditions."

Confederate also makes some interesting performance claims for the C3 X132 Hellcat.

A spokesman for Confederate says that "fast means immediate, accessible, prodigious torque available in huge quantities just off idle powerfully capable of pushing tall gearing over an extremely broad rpm range swelling like a massive tidal wave.

"This C3 Hellcat has the highest rear wheel torque to weight ratio, compared anywhere throughout the operating rpm range, in all of motordom, by far."

Without a doubt, Confederates have a well-deserved reputation for outstanding off-the-line acceleration.

The power runs through a 6061 aircraft grade machined billet aluminum unitized dual load path to a Confederate proprietary design 5-speed close-ratio transmission with a patented output bearing support system.

The frame features a three-inch backbone tube with .120-inch walls of hard steel and a 2-inch downtube with the same .120-inch think hard-steel walls.

It features hand TIG weld fabrication. The front suspension includes a 50mm Racetech shock with low- and high-speed rebound adjustability, as well as compression adjustment.

A high-end coil over shock Racetech with low- and high-speed rebound adjustability, plus compression damping adjustability handles the back. Other goodies include carbon fiber wheels and brake discs.

Certainly, the styling is classic Confederate, a minimalist industrial design. Confederate describes it as "classic understated yet very progressive American design minimalism. This third generation Hellcat represents an impassioned, romantic, genuinely emotional evolutionary journey for the great many men and woman who have, over 20 years, poured their hearts into the challenge of making each Confederate Hellcat an honest, iconic, fiercely American example of heirloom quality and design."

Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat Specs:

  • Engine…S&S X132 Copperhead; 132 cubic inches 56° V-twin
  • Crankshaft…One piece forged, Plain bearing design
  • Bore x stroke…4.4 inches x 4.4 inches
  • Torque: More than 145 ft/lbs
  • Powertrain…6061 aircraft grade machined billet aluminum unitized dual load path Confederate patented fusion design
  • Transmission…Confederate proprietary design; 5-speed close ratio; Patented output bearing support system; Output shaft to swingarm pivot
  • Chassis…3 inch 120 wall hard steel backbone; 2 inch 120 wall hard steel downtube; Hand TIG weld fabrication
  • Suspension
  • Front…50mm Racetech Lo-Hi speed rebound and compression adjustable
  • Rear…Coil over shock Racetech Lo-Hi speed rebound and compression adjustable
  • Weight…475 lbs
  • Brakes…Dual Brembo 4 piston monoblock calipers; Radial pump technology; Carbon ceramic rotors
  • Wheels…Carbon fiber; Front: 3.5" 17"; Rear: 6" x 17"
  • Lighting…Integrated high intensity discharge headlamp; LED tail lamp, brake, running lights, blinker system
  • Fuel Cell…Confederate proprietary design aircraft grade aluminum; 4.75 gallons
  • Gauges…Precision integrated analogue meter; warning, speed, tach
  • Dimensions
  • Fighter series…23.5° rake; 4.1 inch trail; 61.5 inch wheelbase
  • Roadster series…30° rake; 4.25 inch trail; 64.5 inch wheelbase
  • Footpegs
  • Fighter series…Mid-rear sets
  • Roadster series…Mid-sets



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