Buffalo Chip: 2010 Miss Chippie Cyclocross

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Miss Chippie has been loved, adorned and mimicked for many kodak moments in her years as the only Sturgis statue.

Now, she’ll ride into history as the mascot for South Dakota Cyclocross riders this winter. December is known for bitter temps and snow days in the South Dakota area.

It is usually spent inside dreaming of upcoming rides but this year will be a little different. Hardcore athletes are taking the snow and low temps by the handlebars this weekend.

On December 4, riders will compete in the 2010 South Dakota Cyclocross Championships on their newest course at the Legendary Buffalo Chip. This relatively new sport keeps mountain bikers and road race riders busy during the off season and puts some fun into their training routines.

Cyclocross is best described as an obstacle course that features a timed lap race with barricades, twists, turns and of course undesirable outdoor conditions.

The famous Buffalo Chip amphitheatre which is home to thousands of Sturgis motorcycle riders and the best concert series this size of the ozone layer will play host to riders from all over the Black Hills and South Dakota.

Race planners, Bent Rim Productions, have been busy in and around the campground marking out the course and designating ‘pit’ areas for the racers.

Spectators and interested race fans also play a major part in the day as official support. The race has a ‘fan base’ where racers can hear cheers, cowbells and other noisemakers throughout the course.

This race plays a major part in a holiday-spirited gift presentation of 15 Schwinn Bicycles to the Sky Ranch for Boys. Schwinn, the Legendary Buffalo Chip and other sponsors have teamed up to support youth cycling and look forward to making an impact in summer recreation at the Sky Ranch.

The race which has a youth division will have 8 competitors from the Sky Ranch for Boys riding in their first cyclocross race – We wish them the best as they race toward a first place finish.

BentRim Productions, a South Dakota cycling promoter, is excited to bring this event to the Buffalo Chip and looks forward to more races in the future.

The Miss Chippie ‘Cross will be the largest cyclo-cross event in South Dakota with cash and merchandise given as prizes in each of the divisions. Race begins at 10am and is free to spectators.

A chili feed, hot coco and a bonfire will add to the day of fun. More information and registration forms can be found at www.bentrimproductions.com or by calling Jake at 605 390 0215.

Miss Chippie Cyclocross Facts:

  • Saturday, Dec. 4
  • Free!
  • Gates open at 9 a.m.; races start at 10 a.m.
  • Use the East Gate for easy access
  • Bonfire starts immediately after the Champions Ceremony; bring a noisemaker and get in on the fun


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