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My Dainese Domina Pelle Lady jacket. My Sidi Discovery boots. The Triumph Street Triple. Although sold to anyone inclined to buy them, these are three products that fit me and suit me so well, that I feel as if they are personalized for me. The new Arai RX-Q gives that same feeling of individual customization.

This comes as no surprise, really. Arai helmets are not stamped out of a large polycarbonate processor. Instead, they are handmade by artisans, overseen by a family that has placed its name on helmets for more than 60 years. That sense of commitment to form and function strikes me every time I slip on the RX-Q.

I welcomed the arrival of what Arai calls the "ultimate street helmet," as my track time is limited, and my road hours extensive. Inspired by the track-focused Corsair-V, the RX-Q is intended to bring the same level of safety to street riders as is afforded to racers.

A wider eyeport enhances peripheral vision, a must in an environment where dangers approach from all angles. The more compact shell is designed to reduce helmet buffering when I turn my head at high speeds to check traffic.

A lowered center of gravity makes the helmet less fatiguing on long rides. These are not simply sales bullet points; they are features that manifest themselves in everyday riding.

The RX-Q is plush, secure, and all-day comfortable. The snug fit leaves just the right amount of personal space between face and shield; I feel protected, not claustrophobic.

On cold mornings, I appreciate the vented visor that combats fogging, while allowing me to keep the visor closed and my face warm. The air flows nicely along my forehead, keeping my bangs sweat-free, and stays well clear of my eyes, so drying out my contact lenses is not an issue.

At this point, I must confess my frustration with the Arai visor system. While many are able to easily change the visor, I cannot.

I recommend that anyone buying an Arai get a training session at the point of purchase and not leave until you have it mastered the peculiar skill.

That personal glitch aside, I find everything else about the Arai RX-Q to be flawless. From the superb finish, to the effective venting, to the easily manipulated chinstrap, to the securely closing visor, this is a helmet that simply makes me feel good when wearing it.


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